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Recessed fireplace wall

Runtal Radiators and Making Our House a Home in the City - Stephanie Kraus Designs #fireplacewall

If you want to refresh your living room then Recessed Fireplace Wall may be a good choice for modern design condition! This novel system will not only add beauty to the interior but also serve you with a befitting and healthy heating alternative. For modern homes, mounting your fireplace on a recessed wall is the ultimate contemporary & sleek choice.

    Advantages of a Recessed Fireplace Wall

    The Recessed Fireplace wall offers several benefits that you should know before selecting it for your living place as home heating. In the first place, it helps to save your space where you can show up with your favorite piece of art and furniture. You may be surprised, but there is no longer a need for any mantel to accent your recessed wall and you can simply get rid of it entirely or remove items that are crowding the space. A fireplace wall in a recessed design that puts your favorite art and photographs on display.

    By depth wall-mounted fireplaces can distribute heat evenly in the room, so you do not stay on one side only. Finally, safety is a huge concern with heating sources and three inches of recessed fireplace wall ensures that no young child or pet can trip over the hearth.

    Why choose Electric Fireplace Recessed fireplace wall?

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